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TECHNISAT / SKY STAR SkyStar 2 TV, SkyStar HD и др.

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Стар 06-08-2007

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По подразбиране Sky Star HD

SkyStar HD, a TV card for your PC that allows you to receive TV broadcasts in both PAL and HDTV formats. The abbreviation HDTV stands for High Definition TV. This is a worldwide digital TV standard that provides sharp contours, rich colours and tremendous depth. In addition, HDTV broadcasts very often provide impressive surround sound. Naturally, the SkyStar HD also supports Dolby AC 3.

The "TechniSat TV-Center" reception software supplied provides outstanding picture and sound quality as well as a host of other attractive features. Once you have successfully installed the hardware, it is important for you to first of all sort your favourite programmes into the correct order. To this end, the TechniSat TV-Center provides separate favourite lists for TV and radio programmes, with a capacity of 100 programme slots on each list. The TV and radio programme slots can be moved around at any time. If you should at some stage not be at home to view your favourite programmes when they are broadcast, the software also provides a personal video recorder function. Here you can simply programme your favourite programme, the SkyStar HD will record the programme and you can view it whenever it suits you. Unfortunately, most TV programmes include a lot of advertising, which continually interrupts the movie or show you have recorded. The video editing software (EVE v2) provided gives you the opportunity of deleting advertising. Naturally, the video editing software also provides additional features, such as adding spezial effects, or burning the recording onto a DVD.

A further important feature is the programme information service. This programme information service provides a 5-day preview for upcoming television programmes. The videotext function keeps you up to date with news at all times. The TechniSat TV-Center also provides a timeshift function as well as a sleep timer function.

The SkyStar HD is ready for the insertion of a CI slot. This CI slot can be ordered separately as of 2007, ensuring that your SkyStar HD can also be used for Pay-TV.

System requirements
- Intel Pentium III (1 GHz or higher)
- Windows XP Home/Professional (Service Pack 2 recommended)
- Minimum 256 MB RAM
- 64 MB free space on hard drive
- Min. 10 GB free space on hard drive for PVR function
- CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
- 1 available PCI slot
- Sound card that supports DirectX
- 3D graphics card recommended (min. 64 MB)
- DirectX 9.0 or higher
- Acrobat Reader Version 5.x or later

Requirements for HDTV [1080i / MPEG 4 (AVC/H.264)]
- 3,4 GHz P4 (Single Core with hyperthreading) or
- 2,2 GHz AMD 3500 + or
- Dual Core P4 D820 / D830 or
- Dual Core AMD X2 3800+
- with graphics card: ATI X1600 / X1800 er NVidia 6600 GT / 7600 GT

Product features
Reception of free-to-air TV and radio programmes via satellite
Incl. video editing software EVE
Convenient administration of favourite programmes via the TechniSat TV-Center
Programme information service
Personal video recorder (PVR)
Supports HDTV reception (DVB-S2)
Sleep-Timer function
Timeshift function
Common Interface (not included as standard)
Ready for reception of Pay-TV

Items supplied
SkyStar HD PC card for digital satellite reception
TechiSat TV-Center - software incl. video editing software
Installation CD
Remote control incl. batteries
PowerDVD 7
incl. BDA drivers

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Стар 12-02-2008
mony mony не е на линия
форумно сукалче

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По подразбиране Re: Sky Star HD

Дали вече може да се намери новия варянт HD2 на скай стара и каква е разликата със стария?
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Стар 05-03-2008
Аватара на Ники
Ники Ники не е на линия

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По подразбиране Re: Sky Star HD

Чакаме го всеки момент , но все още не можем да кажем кога точно ще ги имаме и каква ще му е цената :P
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Стар 19-03-2008
Аватара на Ники
Ники Ники не е на линия

Дата на присъединяване: Nov 2007
Мнения: 1,383
Благодари: 3,350
Получил благодарност:
559 пъти в 241 поста
Сваляния: 26
Ъплоуди: 3
По подразбиране Re: Sky Star HD

Вече го имаме в наличност
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