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Стар 12-01-2009
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По подразбиране Gbox на Windows PC

Първоначално написано от Tiesto от [url=""[/url]]Here are som info on how to install Gbox on a Windows PC.

Download GBox 2.1B her:

On the PC make following folders


Copy files from the zip file folder \gbox\x86\windows to folder

Copy files from the zip file \gbox\keys to

Edit \var\keys\cwshare.cfg and \var\keys\gbox_cfg to fit your configuration.

Run \var\bin\gboxx86.exe


[color=Red]Configuring gbox
================================================== ===========
The template is:
M: { <OWN IP> { <KEY_A> }}

D: { <OTHER_IP> { port_from port_to { <KEY_B> { <X> <Y> }}}}

M: { <OWN IP> { <KEY_B> }}

D: { <OTHER_IP> { port_from port_to { <KEY_A> { <X> <Y> }}}}
• <OWN_IP> => IP-address of the box. If this is going over the internet, use the WAN-IP-
• <KEY_*> => Encryption-key of the box
• <OTHER_IP> => The IP- or DNS-address of the person you want to connect to.
• <PORT_FROM> => Port you want to use on the box. If this is going over the internet, this
needs to be forwarded if behind a router! UDP!!
• <PORT_TO> => Port that the other sided uses on the box.
• <X> => Share-level for the LOCAL cards.
• <Y> => Share-level for cards you receive from others.
Assuming the server has the IP-address and the client
Find the file /var/keys/cwshare.cfg and alter the following lines accordingly:

M: { { 1234ABCD }}
D: { { 8019 8020 { DCBA4321 { 5 5 }}}} # Client
M: { { DCBA4321 }}
D: { { 8020 8019 { 1234ABCD { 5 5 }}}} # Server
This will off-course work over the internet! Use the WAN-IP-address or Just use a DynDNS or no-
ip address... Looks cooler..

================================================== ===========
Analyzing logging
So, you've got things sorted, and you want to take a look at what's what. Well, actually, there are
6 files to be viewed, of which 4 are permanent:
• /var/tmp/ => shows the cards you receive from others
To make things easy, I took myself as an example. I did this on my dreambox:
/tmp > cat
CardID 0 at Card 0100006A Sl:3 Lev:0 dist:1 id:87F4
CardID 1 at Card 0100006B Sl:3 Lev:0 dist:1 id:87F4
CardID 2 at Card 0100006C Sl:3 Lev:0 dist:1 id:87F4
CardID 3 at Card 0100006D Sl:3 Lev:0 dist:1 id:87F4
CardID 4 at Card 06260000 Sl:11 Lev:0 dist:1 id:87F4
OK, to break things down I'll use the first line:
CardID 0 => ranking-number of the card the way they are sorted... Alphabetically
on Card-number.
at => IP-address of where they are coming from
Card 0100006A => Card-number. This is how the card is identified
Sl:3 => Displays the slot the card is in at the provider, when run on a Linux-PC
up to 18 has been seen.
Lev:0 => Amount of hops I'm allowed to reshare. Zero.
dist:1 => Amount of hops the card is at. In this case: 1.
id:87F4 => Identification-number for gbox that is providing the card.
• /var/tmp/share.log => Same as share.stat, only that this displays the real-time data.
• /var/tmp/ => shows who's on-line
Again, I'll use myself as an example:
/tmp > cat
1 87F4 2.01
1 => 1 is on-line, 0 is offline.
o => The entry you use in cwshare.cfg.
o => The way gbox translated cwshare.cfg to an actual IP-
address. See the 002 ?
87F4 => Identification-number for gbox on the other end.
2.01 => Version-number of gbox on the other end.
• /var/tmp/share.stat => Same as share.log, only that this displays the stats over the
entire running-time, and of the last 5 minutes.
Hello_I/O=> Number of hello's or "handshakes" between 2 peers.
ECM_I/O/F => ECM received (In), sent (Out) and Forwarded by gbox.
CW_I/O/F => Control Words received (In), sent (Out) and Forwarded by gbox.
Control Word is the reply to an ECM request.
GSMS_I/O => Messages received (In) and sent (Out) and by gbox.
loc_up and loc_down => LOCAL Network traffic. (Probably filters defined by the
internet standard, 10.x.x.x / 127.x.x.x / 192.268.x.x / 169.254.x.x)
inet_up and inet_down => Network tracfic in and out of internet. (Probably
every other IP-addres different from what I mentioned 1 point before?)
• atack.txt => Shows a misconfiguration or someone that is trying to connect to you
without being authorized to do so.
An example. On my server I mutilated the key for the client (that means the line starting
with D. On the client the atack.txt is created and filled with a number of messages:
EDB2097E (32) Sun Aug 7 16:32:09 2005
This means that someone it trying to connect using a wrong password.
I then remove the server completely out of the config:
INTRUDER ALERT: IP Port 3101 (PASS 2346A4B2 ID 87F4
unknown) Sun Aug 7 16:40:50 2005
You see the difference?
goneOFFLINE: BAD IP|PORT (DynDNS Peer1) Actual IP Peer1/Localport (IP-
address from local DNS Resolve/Localport) Tue Aug 23 12:55:02 2005
This message says that the actual IP-address off the Peer doesn't match with
what gbox thinks it should be.
• Debug.txt => Can take all message generated by gbox. Depends on what you put after
Z: in the file gbox_cfg
->HelloL to => Initial request to every "D:-line" in cwshare.cfg
->Hello1 to => Second request if first not answered to (quickly enough)
->Hello2 to => Third request if first not answered to (quickly enough)
->HelloR to => I think this means Reconnect to peer if timed out? Anyone?
->HelloW to => Don't know. Anyone?
->HelloS1 to => Don't know. Anyone?
->Here? to => Repetitive request every x seconds to see if peer has come on-
<-Hello from => Reply to Hello L/1/2/R from Peer, Or first request after Peer
reboot? Anyone?
<=Hello from => Don't know. Reply is received in the same millisecond as "<-
Hello from". Anyone?
->Hello to => Reply to "<- Hello from".
||CW (->1) blocked from Peer1 to Peer2/GboxID Peer2 => Don't know
actually. Anyone?
<>ECM (1->1) from Peer1 forwarded to Peer2 (GboxID Peer2 )
<>CW (->1) from Peer2 forwarded to Peer1 => Here you see a request being
relayed to someone else, and the answer to that request. In (1->1), the first "1"
stands for the slot the card is in at the supplier, "->1" stands for the amount of
hops the message has to travel to that supplier. In (->1) "1" stands for for the slot
the card is in at the supplier.
<-ECM (1<-) received from Peer1
->CW (->1) send to Peer1 (527 ms) => This is a request from Peer1 to a local
card, the reply and the time it took to read the card and supply the key.
dbox2 Peer1 is not responding 6 times => Well, that says enough I think?
goneOFFLINE: Removing Peer1 from list, seems offline => Sets Peer1 from
1 to 0 in, after not responding 6 times.
• online.log => Shows the coming and going of peers. Creation of this file depends on the
line N: in cwshare.cfg
comeONLINE : Welcome PEER1 IP<Port PEER1> Sun Sep
4 16:22:45 2005 => PEER1 comes online
goneOFFLINE: Removing PEER1 from list, seems offline Sun Sep 4
17:45:39 2005 => PEER1 doesn't respond anymore
IP update : PEER1 was now Sun Sep 4
17:45:53 2005 => PEER1 has a new IP-address
comeONLINE : Welcome PEER1 IP<Port PEER1> Sun Sep
4 18:01:05 2005 => PEER1 is back on-line again!

Credits go To Anakin

Gbox Cfg by cuba

In your gbox_cfg file you have following lines

Z: { 01 12 } dream ip 8024

G: { 03 }

C: { 01 }

M: { 01 }

A: { 00 }

U: { 01 }

H: { 01 }

T: { 00 }

O: { 03 } dream ip

L: { 00 } dream ip 8029

W: { 00 00 } 9600

V: { F0 35 } => configurations for reading slot and com-ports

V: { F0 00 } nothing
V: { F0 10 } slot 1
V: { F0 20 } slot 2
V: { F0 30 } both slots
V: { F0 35 } both slots + com ports
V: { F0 05 } only com ports
V: { F0 31 } Sc8in1
V: { 00 05 } Dbox2 multicam

Instead of dream Ip you must the the IP of your PC. And for make it possible that your programmer is read you must use following line as described
V: {F0 05 }

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